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Safeguard Your Home with Weatherization Services in West Bridgewater, MA

Suburban Insulation is in the business of looking after your home. Our company offers a number of weatherization services in West Bridgewater, MA, that save you money and protect your dwelling. Ask us to install insulation, put in gutters, and add fire protection.

Special, Contractor Services in West Bridgewater, Ma

Save Money & Prevent Energy Loss with Insulation

Reduce your heating and cooling bills with insulation installation from our company. Just by adding this protective layer, you can count on considerable savings on your energy bills. You can expect to see a reduction from 10 percent to 50 percent on home heating and cooling costs.

In our 60 years of business, we have found adding insulation to the roof, attic, crawl space, walls, and basement offers a cost-effective solution that boosts energy efficiency and adds to your family’s comfort.  Without insulation, you can almost see the energy escaping from your home.

How much energy is wasted in your home due to the lack of or insufficient insulation? Request an energy audit from one of our qualified professionals. This auditor knows the weather extremes we have in our area and what to look for. This includes air leaks and moisture concerns. With an energy audit, you know what you need to do to conserve energy and save money. Count on us for high-quality products, installed by experienced technicians who work quickly and at affordable rates.

Stop Water Damage with Rain Gutters

Installing gutters protects your home from damaging water erosion and provides moisture control. Although your home’s rain gutters are hidden away underneath the eaves, they play a significant role in safeguarding your home and property.

Gutters funnel rainwater and snowmelt away from your house. With the large amount of precipitation we receive each year, gutters are a must. Water running down the side of your house can cause leaks to the exterior walls and often pools around the perimeter.

Without gutters to send water away from the structure, rain can cause damage to the foundation and even leak inside the house into the basement. Rely on our technicians to use the latest materials and design to protect your house from water damage and add functional beauty, as well.


Stop or Slow down Fires with Flame-Resistant Coatings

Protect your home and all its valuable contents from fire damage with state-of-the-art fireproofing services. A fire, even a small one, can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. We recommend investing in our fire protection products and services that can prevent fires or slow them down. With application by a skilled professional, of a fire or flame-resistant coating, the impact of flames is minimized. Reach out to our company to learn about the benefits of protective coatings for your home.



About Our Company

For reliable contracting services that improve your home's energy efficiency, choose the experienced professionals at Suburban Insulation in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. We install residential and commercial insulation, as well as providing fireproofing and gutter installation services. We are a family-owned-and-operated business established in 1958 that is still serving the local community of West Bridgewater, Boston, South Shore, and the surrounding areas with two generations running our family business.
For more than half a century, we've been showing New England our commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional value. We deliver unrivalled customer service, along with cost and energy savings, to individual homeowners and commercial contractors.

We welcome feedback/reviews via our Google page or website contact page as we are constantly evaluating our processes to ensure we are providing only the highest level of customer service.

Request a service today to protect your home from energy loss, as well as water and fire damage. We proudly serve customers in West Bridgewater, Metro South, Metro West, and Boston, Massachusetts.

We welcome feedback/reviews via our Google page or website contact page as we are constantly evaluating our processes to ensure we are providing only the highest level of customer service.